What size of silver pendant chain is the most optimal


For some people, determining the length of the silver pendant chain size on a necklace isn’t all that important. They usually overlook the length when their shop for authentic necklaces. That’s a mistake as the length also determines how the necklace is going to look on you. That’s something we want on our to-do list as if we know the length of our necklace we’ll be able to see if it looks good on us or not. For men, this is basically how you check whether the jewelry you’re opting for is good or not.

That’s how you come up with a way to make the best out of this. Men usually wear chain necklaces by either pitting on lots of chains with pendants or wearing a pendant-less chain. For this, one must make sure that the length of the chain at least goes down towards the two buttons of your collar. That way your neck wouldn’t hide and you’ll have an aesthetic way of wearing jewelry.

Silver pendant Chain necklaces are all about finding out how much a necklace can afford to look this good. That’s what we’re here to see as it would help us figure out a way to do that. You can make sure that you do all of that by not just wearing jewelry but by finding a way to make sure you feel stylish.

What size of silver pendant chain is the most optimal

silver pendant

Size guide for silver pendant chain

It’s a little difficult to find the size of a silver pendant chain for a necklace. The chain size comes in many different forms and is a little difficult to determine which one to choose. The style of your outfit depends on the length of the chain you decide to wear. If the chain length doesn’t suit the style of outfit you’re going for, it would mismatch your style.

The style you choose to wear should include all necessary procedures that endure the process. Due to this, there’s a proper guide for chain length and how you can wear it properly. That’s why we’ve got the perfect way for you to direct how you can wear jewelry.

How do decide which chain can carry a pendant?

If you’re aiming to choose a silver pendant in a large size, you need to find one that can carry that weight. The chain should be strong enough to support the pendant you’ve chosen to wear. Here, you can only select a chain with a bigger and wider gauge so that it can take in the pressure. The jewelry you wear has to be pretty great and match your pendant style.

Although things may not be what they seem, they do turn out to be a lot. If you’re going for a small pendant, the chain can be small-sized as well. This means wearing something that not only looks amazing on you but can handle the chain of your necklace.

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Which necklaces to wear when

Each type of necklace has a different guide for wearing what kind of length of chain for the necklace. The necklace length determines how you want to style it on yourself. The neckline on which you wear it should suit the necklace itself. Before we get into this guide we’d just like to clarify that don’t take these lengths to heart. You can always check whatever goes well with your neck structure and outfit in the mirror.


For a choker, the necklace length should go up and close to the base of the neck. This way your silver pendant necklace would serve its purpose of literally being a choker. The necklace looks good on necklines like off-the-shoulder, crew, or boat necks. However, if you’re someone who has a large build and height, you may want to step back. It might make your neck look short.

Standard or princess:

This kind of chain length would be a help as it would be positioned right at your collarbone. The length would look good on any outfit you wear as it’s pretty standard. If you have a v-neck with a silver pendant necklace that makes a v-shape, it would look good on you. That’s something we’d like you to focus on once you start this process. You can even wear it with a surplice or sweetheart neckline.

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This type of length would easily be worn right in the middle of the collarbone and the bust. This position is perfect, drawing attention directly towards the gentle curve of your breast. This length can almost work on any outfit. The jewelry can be worn in casual attire. They would also look great on collared shirts and higher necklines so you can make the best out of them. This is perfect for those who have a larger or longer neck size. They will easily be able to see whether they can truly make the most out of it.


This length is positioned over the bust or more centimeters down. It is mostly worn on close-tucked lengths like turtle necks. They are owned with silver pendant necklaces that are long. However it de[ends on your bust and height. Where would the necklace fall at? If you’re short and the necklace is too long then you can even wrap it twice around your neck. This way you’ll have a make-shift necklace around you in a choker and necklace style.


A rope is any necklace that has a longer length than opera. Its position can be worn depending on how you wear it. That’s just the way it goes. Necklaces like these can be roped twice to form a roping design on your neck.


Wondering how the whole process of wearing silver pendant jewelry makes you look good? It’s all in how you wear it. Jewelry would always be aesthetic if you wear it with style. This includes putting on the kind of jewelry that looks good on you. Also, make sure that the jewelry is pretty enough to make you feel good about yourself. That’s just how you do things without feeling it wouldn’t work for you. Our article here has a lot to say about chain lengths and a guide on how to wear jewelry with each neckline.

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