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Real silver jewelry vs white gold jewelry wholesale

Real Silver Jewelry VS White Gold Jewelry

Real Silver Jewelry VS White Gold Jewelry
Real Silver Jewelry VS White Gold Jewelry

Real silver jewelry and white gold jewelry both are the economical forms of jewelry that people buy. Some people, who cannot afford to buy the gold jewelry, go for white gold with yellow gold plating. And similarly, some people, who cannot afford the white gold, go for the real silver jewelry. In this article, we shall compare both real silver and white gold, to get a better understanding of identifying and selection.

Before starting the comparison, let’s just clear this out that we love both metals, as they both are affordable, shiny, and lustrous. The luxurious look of both white gold and real silver jewelry made them perfect to wear on your special occasions. Let’s see the similarities between both metals before getting into the comparison mode.

Similarities between Real Silver Jewelry and White Gold Jewelry:

  • Affordable:

When you talk about high-quality jewelry, real and authentic jewelry metals, real silver, and white gold both are high-quality metal. The original, reliable metals for jewelry are often expensive like gold, platinum, etc. White gold is much affordable than yellow gold. And real silver is much affordable than white gold. So both metals are in reach for everyone to style with their favorite accessories. 

  • Luxurious Shine:

Real silver jewelry and white gold jewelry both are shiny and luxurious. They can easily be mistaken for high-priced platinum jewelry. So they both serve you with their shine, so you can shine by wearing these metals on formal occasions or casual ones.

  • Versatile:

The neutral color and sparkling shine make the real silver jewelry and white gold jewelry a very versatile metal. These types of jewelry can be worn on any occasion, sad or happy, formal or casual, party, or just a regular day at home. They don’t look flashy and you can never look over-dressed. 

  • Vast Variety:

As we discussed earlier, both the metals are affordable, which means they both have a huge market of consumers. That’s why a huge variety of unique and stylish designs are available in the market. Be it physical or an online shop, there must be a huge collection of real silver jewelry and white gold jewelry. A vast variety gives you an exciting opportunity to choose from according to your desires.

A Comparison of Real Silver Jewelry and White Gold Jewelry

Real Silver Jewelry VS White Gold Jewelry001
Real Silver Jewelry VS White Gold Jewelry001
  • What are they made of?
  • Real Silver:

Real silver jewelry is made from high-quality sterling silver. Silver is a natural metal that is found in the earth in a very soft form. This soft, shining white metal cannot be formed into jewelry. So other metals are used to strengthen the silver, other metals such as copper, zinc, and sometimes nickel. The sterling silver is 92.5% real silver and 7.5% of zinc and copper. The real silver jewelry is also called sterling silver jewelry or 925. It is stamped 925.  

  • White Gold: 

White gold is a mixture of pure yellow gold, real silver, and other metals such as copper, nickel, and zinc. The percentage of pure gold varies on how many karats of white gold you are buying. For example in 18k white gold, there is 75% of pure yellow gold, 20% silver, palladium and nickel, and 5% copper and zinc. There is often rhodium plating on white gold to increase shine.

  • The Look:

Next to each other, real silver jewelry appears more bright and shinning than white gold jewelry. White gold is certainly shiny metal but it has a bit of dullness due to the yellow gold in it. That’s why the rhodium plating is done on white gold to increase the sparkle and brightness of the metal. But when it starts to wear off the jewelry may start to lose its shine.

  • Price:

As we know that white gold is made up of 75% of real gold, the price for white gold is much higher than real silver jewelry. The real silver is less expensive as it has copper in it too. You can see the difference yourself; 1 gram silver is 0.57 USD and 1 gram white gold is 39.71 USD. So there is a whopping difference between the two metals.

  • Durability:

The real silver jewelry and white gold jewelry both are durable metals. Silver can last for a long time in your life. The metal is durable and strong that doesn’t get tarnish easily or breaks often. The high-quality real silver jewelry stays along in your family forever if taken care of properly. On the other hand, high-quality white gold has a little problem with the rhodium plating on. Yes, the rhodium plating is prone to wear off and your white gold may start to look yellowish. However, white gold is said to be more scratch-resistant than real silver.

  • Maintenance:
Real Silver Jewelry VS White Gold Jewelry002
Real Silver Jewelry VS White Gold Jewelry002

Real silver jewelry is much easier to clean and maintain. If your real silver jewelry gets tarnish, you can clean it with a solution of mild soap and water. Soak it into the solution and rub gently with a soft-bristled brush and dry it with a soft piece of cloth. A few polishes from time to time can keep your real silver jewelry shining and bright as ever.

You can clean the White gold jewelry using the same method as above, but as we discussed the rhodium plating, you should be very careful while cleaning. Here we recommend professional cleaning by jewelers. They can use the ultrasonic cleaning method to restore the shine and clean your white gold jewelry.

Real Silver Jewelry VS White Gold Jewelry, which should you choose? As in the start we mentioned that both the metals are luxurious and shiny. But when it comes to choosing between the two, let’s say; when you are looking for a high-quality, super polished and you have a good budget to spend and invest, go for the white gold jewelry. And when you are looking for something durable, long-lasting, and light on the pocket/budget, go for the real silver jewelry.


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