Tips To Protect Your Silver Jewelry Set

Are you trying to find tips to protect your silver jewelry set? A lot of people come up with this question, and here we will tell you how you can do that. The reason why people buy silver mostly is that it has the capability of going well with every style and occasion.

You will see how it blends so well with every dress and style without giving you any doubts about it. For most girls and even boys, it feels missing if they leave their homes without wearing a ring or some necklace. Silver is the top choice for that.

You can either wear your silver jewelry set to some posh dinner, or you can casually get it to get to meet friends at a café. Whether you get some single jewelry piece of silver or you fill your whole wardrobe with it, the thing is, it starts tarnishing. Silver requires proper attention and protection to make it last longer and save from tarnish.

Why Silver Tarnish?

Sterling silver that we all get is basically an alloy of metal. The name contains the answer that 925 silver means it is the purest form of silver containing 92.5% silver. It is popular for being decent and versatile enough, plus it is malleable and pocket-friendly as well. Whereas this composition is what makes it catch dirt and lose its sparkling shine effect after some time. Tarnish is the outcome of reacting with oxygen and sulfur particles in the atmosphere.

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Tips to Protect Your Silver Jewelry Set

We will tell you tips and tricks about how you can protect your silver jewelry set from losing its original shine. Those tips are as follows:

Try To Wear It

It might be hard for you to believe, but it has been proven that silver shines and does not tarnish when you wear it. Our body generates such oils that make the silver jewelry set shiny and sparkly. It is a tip that when you buy anything in silver, instead of keeping it as a souvenir, wear it all the time if you can. You can protect it in some boxes, but it is better to wear it. It will not tan so easily.

We have advised you to wear it most of the time, even when taking a shower. However, when you are doing any other house chore, it is better to wear it off that time. The reason is that the cleaners, rubber, and perspiration contain those sulfur particles that could harm your silver jewelry set. Therefore, take it off while cleaning tasks to save your silver from corrosion.

Away From Sunlight

When it is the weekend, and you have a planned party at a beach or pool, try not to wear your silver jewelry set as sunlight can also damage your silver and make it tan.

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How To Store Silver Jewelry Set?

There are certain times when you should take off your silver. Those times are when you are in the gym, kitchen, or near the pool or beach. You should also know how to protect and store your silver jewelry set from losing its shine.

Clean Your Jewelry First

When you are storing your jewelry, you might not notice that there could be dirt on your silver. If not dirt, even sweat can bring moisture to your silver through which tarnish happens. Therefore, it is great advice that you make it a regular practice to clean your jewelry before storing it in concealed boxes. No thorough cleaning is necessary as you can wipe the dirt off too.

Boxes Should Be Airtight

After cleaning and wiping, what comes next is how and where you are going to store your silver jewelry set. The best place for all your jewelry, whether it be gold, silver, or gemstones, is in airtight boxes. Make sure one thing that there are wooden boxes that are available, but wood is not good. Wood also contains some chemicals that can harm and tarnish your jewelry. The boxes must be coated and anti-tarnish.

Anti-Tarnish Cloth

Another great option is this special cloth that will save your silver jewelry set from tanning. You can wrap them in a cloth that is soft and delicate enough not to put scratches. Otherwise, you can also use anti-tarnish paper or your normal tissue paper. All of these things will work except the newspaper. That paper chemical will harm your jewelry pieces.

Don’t Put All in One.

We have seen people, and it is now a common practice that they keep all their jewelry items in a single box. Even if it is all silver, try to put every one of them separately. What worse can happen is you will put scratches on your silver jewelry set. There are big boxes with small compartments in which you can still put them all in a single place while having separations.

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Silica Or Chalk

Another effective option to store your silver jewelry set is to keep it in either silica bags or chalk. The chalk and silica have the competence of absorbing the moisture of the air and not letting it spoil your jewelry items. Therefore, when you have done all of the above-described methods, this one will be the last step to completion.

You wipe your jewelry, wrap it in the anti-tarnish cloth, and put it in the airtight box with different compartments. Then you put silica packs in those compartments, and it will be enough to absorb all the moisture that will ever be there in the box.


Now you know about the tarnish of silver and how you can protect your silver jewelry set from tan. You can also go for new zip lock bags. Those bags contain airtight seals, and they will delay the tarnish for a long time. You cannot escape from the tarnish as it is a natural process.

You can delay the process by taking extra precautionary steps and getting it clean from time to time. The more you care, the longer your jewelry will accompany you.

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