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Everything You Need To Know About Identifying 925 Silver Stamp!

What You Need To Know About 925 Silver Stamp Identification

What You Need To Know About 925 Silver Stamp Identification
What You Need To Know About 925 Silver Stamp Identification

The Fame of silver metal in the jewelry industry is justifiable. For the past few years, silver has gained enough popularity among people as one of the best metals for jewelry, and it’s not hard to see why. 925 silver stamp  Since the demand is high, there is a considerable variety of sterling silver jewelry in the market there can be many frauds to hand you over silver with less percentage of purity in the name of sterling silver. So, you must know how to determine that your jewelry is made from real sterling silver or is it silver plated jewelry. 

When you are spending the right amount of money on jewelry, you want it to last longer than the rest of the cheaper materials you have bought. For this, you will have to be more cautious when purchasing sterling silver, that it is not only sterling silver plated or fake sterling silver. 

Many jewelers report they come across many pieces, which have turned out to be nothing more than costume jewelry, and the owner had no clue that their jewelry wasn’t genuine silver. In that case, if you want to protect yourself from happening this to you, you must read this short guide to learn how to differentiate between sterling silver and the rest of the fake jewelry.

What Is 925 Sterling Silver?

There are many mixtures or alloys of silver in the market, and not all of them are sterling silver. Sterling silver is the alloy of silver, with 92.5% of silver mixed with copper or some other metal for better strength.  

Sterling silver jewelry is different from the jewelry which is only plated with the silver or coated with the thin layer of silver ions on some other metal. Pure silver is a very soft metal that can not sustain the shape it is molded into, and for it to last and make it durable, it is mixed with copper to form an alloy. The alloy has a more substantial composition that makes it unable to be scratched off easily in a few months when the coating sheds away.

These are some of the easiest ways to find out if you own jewelry with a real 925 silver stamp on it. 


One of the oldest and easiest ways to determine whether your sterling silver jewelry is real or not, you only have to get a magnet piece and place it around the object or your jewelry. Expensive metals like gold, silver, and Platinum don’t get attracted to magnets, so if your 925 silver stamped jewelry gets attracted to the magnet, then you must be sure that it is not the real one, but a fake one. It assures you the authenticity of your jewelry with a 925 silver stamp. 

Metal sliding test:

If your Sterling silver product has a real 925 silver stamp on it, you can use this other way of metal sliding to determine the purity and authenticity of your silver with 925 silver stamp. You have to put your mettle wire along with the magnet at a 45° angle then slide it on the magnet make sure you slide the magnet slowly down at the face of the bar. Silver is paramagnetic, and the unique earth magnet, which masks as an electromagnet to create a braking impact.Marks Another obvious and necessary way of knowing if your jewelry is sterling silver or not is that you can check the 925 silver stamp on your jewelry made by the manufacturer. These marks are the most basic way of representing that the silver you are buying is sterling silver with the purity of 92.5% and should be costly precisely because of this. Regardless there are some fake and false silver pieces with untrue stamps, so it can not be the sole test you must rely on. 

Cloth Test

A soft white cloth can help you find out if your jewelry is real or not; all you have to do is to wipe the white cloth on your piece. If, after wiping, black stains or marks appear on the cloth, you can be sure that your jewelry is sterling silver. These black marks appear on the cloth because of silver with a 925 silver stamp on it gets oxidized easily. And this causes the sterling silver to tarnish faster than usual metals.  

Ice test

This test is one of the easiest tests to perform for your sterling silver metal. You only have to take out some ice cubes from your freezer. This test might sound weird to you, but it can be explained because silver has the highest thermal conductivity among all other common metals and alloys. 

The test is easier for Silver bars to find out the authenticity of a 925 silver stamp on it. It can be hard if you want to perform on your silver jewelry. You have to place the ice cube on your silver bar and watch the difference and process of melting of your ice keenly. You will notice that the ice cube will start melting quickly and the process will be faster than usual metal, or as if it is placed on some hot object and not on room temperature.

Chemical Analysis Test

This test is used by professionals and Jewelers to test the credibility of a 925 silver stamp. You have to be very cautious while performing this test as it involves concentrated acid, which can give some severe burns. The first prerequisite for starting this test is wearing gloves. You must also keep in mind that this test will damage your sterling silver jewelry or bar with a 925 silver stamp to some or a small extent. So if your product is of high value, don’t try this at home.

You don’t have to buy stuff individually, but a silver acid test kit is available in the market. You don’t know if your sterling silver is only coated or not at all. To remove the coating of 925 sterling silver, you will have to scratch it with the filer exposing whatever is under it. Scratch it enough to get beyond the silver 

Now you have to apply the acid on the surface where you have scratched. 

Now check the surface where you have dropped the acid and analyze the result. You will have to keenly notation explains the color that appears as soon as the acids act on the surface. For this, you need the color guide given below.  

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